Monday, July 20, 2015


Mike and I have worked hard all our lives.  I have a degree in Business Administration and have run numerous businesses - from Electronic Assembly to House Cleaning and now my Husband's Flooring Business.  

In 2008 had some physical problems that left me unable to work - bad timing!  I had to declare bankruptcy and transfer one of my businesses to my husband.  Then came the economic 'downturn' and our troubles - we sold our house and closed all the businesses and reinvented ourselves at another location.  

However consumer spending is still slow.
A little over 60 days ago we were given a notice to leave our current location because the house was being sold.  It was - in 2 days!  We have been driving, applying, looking, contacting friends, contacting social services - but so far with no success because of our past problems.  Social Services gave us a list of homeless shelters!

I have discovered there are resources for the disabled under 66, for veterans, for families and for children, but not for seniors.  Senior housing has years long lists and although we could move far away it would make driving impossible for me - I have neuropathy in my legs and a stick shift!  The state of California designates me as disabled, but there isn't anything available for SENIORS that are disabled. We pass into an unwanted void when we start collecting Social Security.

When I am finally relocated God willing, I am going to use my skills as a writer to make people aware of what is going on in our country with the elderly population.  People like me, who grew up in an upper middle class city, went to collage, got married, had a family and worked, worked worked - to the extent that I was probably a 'workaholic' at some point.  

At 69 I still write a newsletter and run my husband's flooring business.

We are told if we had $20,000 in the bank we could qualify for housing.  This is my last desparate attempt to be heard and maybe help from GoFundMe can become part of my story. That is my wish!  

I hope someone out there helps our family rise above this challenge!