Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Not everyone is an Astrology fan.  I am.  I tell everyone that Astrology is like a map - it is all mathematical and has been around for centuries.  Astrology really doesn't have much to do with the stars themselves, but rather, think of it as a Thomas Guide - a map.  The stars are a map which you can follow or you can wander around ending up in dead ends or places that you weren't intending to go.

There is a phenomenon called Mercury Retrograde.  We are now exiting one that started in July.  During those times there are delays and communication foul ups.  Equipment breaks.  Traffic delays are much more common. Not a great time to travel.  Or make new plans.  A time to revise, revisit, review.

Several years ago Mike and I were John Wayne Airport ready to get on a plane to Vancouver.  The flight was canceled and we would have a several hour delay before a new one could be found.  I told my husband, who said, "Why aren't you upset - you certainly are taking this in stride."  (Not my normal reaction).  I replied, "It is Mercury retrograde and I knew that it was possible.  I was prepared for the worst and hoping for the best."

In the same vein, my son flew here to California during this past Mercury Retrograde.  I warned him to be ready for delays.  I said, "Plan ahead and be prepared - if the delays don't happen - great.  However, if they do don't be surprised."  There were several, several delays during his trip - one of which almost caused him to miss the plane.  Luckily Mercury Retrograde is more about delay than cancellation.

The last Election that was negatively affected by Mercury Retrograde was 2000.  The Bush -Gore Election.  In my research I discovered that there was another election which was affected by Mercury Retrograde - The Compromise Election of Rutherford B Hayes in 1876.  In that election a Commission of House and Senate Representatives and Supreme Court Judges - 5 Republicans, 5 Democrats and 1 Independent was appointed to determine the results of the disputed electoral votes  -   sound familiar?  That Commission didn't make a decision until March 4, 1877 - two days before what was then Inauguration Day.  Like I said delays, rather than out and out endings.

This November's election - once again is on the day that Mercury goes retrograde.  In the Bush/Gore election Mercury was coming out of retrograde - in this election it will be going in to retrograde.  Once again things could get a little dicey - and as pointed out in this article http://thenewtimesholler.com/ARCHIVE/projected.html, it depends also on the person's chart - Romney and Obama both are affected, but in different ways.

Like I told me son - expect the worst - and if it doesn't happen - at least you are prepared.  And Astrology is a fun, helpful science- it has helped me deal with a lot of people and situations in my life.  I used to get frantic calls from my house cleaners asking me if it was Mercury Retrograde (I wouldn't pre program them) and when I said yes, they always said, "Thank God - just tell me when it ends."

If you are interested in the Mathematical Basis of Astrology: http://www.math.nus.edu.sg/aslaksen/projects/kh-urops.pdf